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UConn’s Neag School of Education Celebrates 15th Anniversary

More than 250 students, faculty, and alumni recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of the naming of the Neag School of Education with events over two days.

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Achievement Gap Exists in Online Reading Skills

Students in lower income school districts have a significantly harder time analyzing and understanding information on the Internet than their peers, according to a new UConn study that indicates a troubling online reading achievement gap may exist in the nation’s schools.

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New York Teacher, Jewelry Designer Donates $150K to Create ‘Fuller Scholarship for Social Justice in Education’ at UConn’s Neag School

Ten years working as a teacher in Los Angeles, London and New York City led to Kathryn Fuller experiencing many realizations, including the limited role “smarts” or intelligence can play in classroom learning. Using money from her family’s railroad business, Fuller recently presented $150,000 to the Neag School to establish the Fuller Scholarship for Social Justice in Education.

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[November 2014 | No Comment | 209 views]
Neag Alumnus Awarded Milken Award

Sitting in the exact gym where he sat as an elementary school student, Metacomet Elementary School Principal Desi Nesmith was brought to tears when he learned that he had received the Milken Educator Award–nicknamed ”the Oscars of Teaching.”

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Neag Alumni Society Hosts Holiday Celebration

Begin the holiday season with fellow alumni and friends hosted by the Neag Alumni Society. Enjoy seasonal desserts and a holiday performance at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

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Neag Professor’s Gifted and Talented Project SPARKS U.S. Ed Officials to Award $2.5M Grant

Mention an education achievement gap and most people think of students struggling to reach proficiency in core academic areas. But UConn faculty member Catherine Little’s research focuses on the other end of the spectrum