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Federally Funded Research Center Strengthens UConn’s Role as National Leader in Gifted Education

Chosen through a competitive selection process and authorized by the U.S. Congress-revitalized Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act, the National Center for Research on Gifted Education (NCRGE) at UConn was established with a $2 million grant from the federal Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Sciences to be used over the next two years.

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Charter School Reform Must Become Part of National Education Reform

More than 2.5 million students attend an estimated 6,400 charter schools in 42 states, with the number of these “independent public schools” — as President Barack Obama called them in his National Charter Schools Week proclamation last year — increasing dramatically. For the 2013-14 school year, more than 600 new charter schools opened their doors nationwide, while 70 more are slated to open in North Carolina alone. But as the charter school model of education grows, so does the likelihood for fraud and mismanagement.

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State Rep. Fleischmann Visits Neag, Shares Thoughts on Future of Education in Connecticut

The Neag School’s Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) hosted “A Conversation with Representative Andy Fleischmann” at the Storrs campus. As the chairman of the Education Committee of the Connecticut State Assembly, State Rep. Fleischmann spoke about the future of education in Connecticut schools and how education policy research could better inform policy making in Hartford and beyond.

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Neag Twin Alums, and Longtime Donors, Return to Campus for First Time in 50 Years

Twins Elaine and Eleanor Demarjian (’64 MA) have traveled the world together, visiting more countries than they can count. Yet they name among one of their favorite destinations not some faraway land – but their recent trip to UConn, to which they returned for the first time in 50 years.

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CRT Production Prompts Neag Faculty to Weigh in on Competition in the Classroom

This view of a spelling bee as a competitive entertainment event was part of the success of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” the award-winning musical presented this past fall by the Connecticut Repertory Theatre. As the characters moved through the backstory of their lives in flashbacks during the spelling bee, the theme of competition was ever-present in the setting – a school gymnasium, with its floor lined as a basketball court. University faculty say that competition in the classroom and on the playing field can provide many lessons to students, although it may have a downside for some.

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The Perils of Sexism for Men and Boys

A lot has been written about the destructive outcomes of sexism on women but not much on how it affects men. In his new book, James M. O’Neil, UConn professor of educational psychology and family studies, seeks to raise awareness about the perils of sexism for men and boys.